Upcoming Classes

Thursday, July 26, 2018, Wild Medicine Maker: Syrups and Oxymels

5:30-7:30pm at The Elderberry — Community Herbs and Healing $25

Want to get a jump on making some delicious healing syrups and oxymels for the Winter? (What is an oxymel, you ask? It is a blend of vinegar and honey that creates a preservative base for herbs.) The herbs you use will depend on what you want the potion to do: ward off illness, make a cough better, help with tummy upset, etc.

Join Heather as she leads you in playing with these easy and tasty ways to get the benefits of herbs into your diet. We will go in depth on 3 herbs: Hawthorn, Elderberry and Mullein Leaf. Each participant will leave with a container of either a syrup or oxymel of their choice.

Please visit The Elderberry Herbal Shop for details and registration.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018, Walking the Seasons: Late Summer

5:30-6:30pm at The Elderberry — Community Herbs and Healing

Many areas of the world have 5 seasons including us here in Virginia.  Summer in late August and September definitely has a different feel as Fall approaches.  This is a season of transformation as we digest our Summer experiences.  Join Heather Wetzel, AHG, for this class where we will focus on the body’s digestive functions and the diet, lifestyle and herbs that support it.

Please contact The Elderberry Herbal Shop for registration information online or at (434) 964-9376

Tuesdays, September 11 to October 16:
Sacred Plant Traditions: Introduction to Herbal Healing FALL SESSION

6:30-8:30pm at Sacred Plant Traditions, $250 (includes all materials and text)

This six week series is great for beginners as well as those who want to deepen their knowledge and use of herbal medicine. This course will include history, herbal actions, apothecary practices, recipes, sacred use of plants and more. The weeks fly by as we spend time in the classroom, the kitchen, the lab and best of all, the garden. We will learn how to identify basic back yard medicines as well as those cultivated in the garden. We will learn harvest techniques, how to dry and preserve our medicines.

Please visit Sacred Plant Traditions for details and registration.

More upcoming classes will be listed soon…

Heather is available to bring herbal education such as classes and native plant medicine walks to your community.

Heather Wetzel

Email for more information.