What is the Qest4?

The Qest4 is a Meridian Stress Assessment (MSA) tool; a state-of- the-art automated bioenergetics assessment.

What is Meridian Stress Assessment?

MSA marries the ancient modality of acupuncture (and its scientifically proven points and organ pathways called meridians) with homeopathy and computerized biofeedback. Traditional Chinese Medicine has been around for over 5,000 years, homeopathy hundreds of years and this technology for over 50 years. However, it’s only been in the last 20 years that the use and development of MSA systems has grown exponentially. This is mostly due to advancements in computer technology and people’s thirst for supportive alternative healthcare options.

How does it work?

A safe, painless micro amp is introduced to the body through the hands. The current follows the acupuncture meridians/pathways penetrating the cellular structures of the body’s organs, glands, and other tissues. This energy travels through healthy and imbalanced tissues very differently. What stress the current encounters is measured and sent back to the computer to reflect s information about the individual being tested. MSA Median Stress AssessmentThe program searches through the system’s database until a specific item or remedy is found that will bring the energy of the imbalanced tissue back to balance. The concept of energetic resonance is applied here. The Qest4 database is programmed with many frequencies of specific biological substances (everything from healthy tissue to pathogens) so it sheds light not just on current function but also on whether the body is being impacted by the energy of specific organisms and if so, the degree to which they are taking a toll. (Please see the list below that details the range of assessments available on the Qest4 system).

I interpret the data and use the system’s hardware to create individualized “imprints” (similar homeopathic remedies) for each client. These imprint drops are taken over the course of 3-6 weeks and support the body’s return to a state of homeostasis and wellbeing. The system also identifies which supplements will help in this effort. Each client receives an electronic copy of their scans, a schedule to guide supplement use, and my support as needed. Healing is not always a smooth, straight path.

How can the Qest4 help me?

Although it sometimes seems so, illness doesn’t just happen to us out of the blue. Generally the terrain of our body weakens over time with improper food and stress. Or perhaps we are habitually living out of alignment with our True self and the constant dissatisfaction wears on the immune system. Regardless, our bodies are the ultimate biofeedback generators and give us constant information as to the current balance of body, mind, AND spirit. The question is whether we are being faithful stewards and listening to it. Good listening isn’t a guarantee however, as it doesn’t necessarily mean we will have a nameable or lab test measurable disease that our health care providers can identify and treat. Symptoms can manifest in a variety of vague and very individual ways.

That’s where the Qest4 comes in! What sets it apart is the fact that it can measure the subtle function of the body and bring back balance even before a pattern manifests as a physical illness. It excels at both the prevention and the support and maintenance of optimal wellbeing on all energetic levels: physical, emotional, spiritual.

Are you frustrated with simply chasing symptoms? Would you like to experience your wellbeing as deeply vital and vibrant? We’ll begin by identifying which systems are stressed or weakened. Then causational issues will be addressed with herbs, supplements, and imprint drops so you can begin making real progress towards your wellness goals!

Qest4 functional assessments include

  • Allergies (Including food, environmental, & phenolic sensitivities)
  • Chemical Toxicities
  • Circulatory Disturbances
  • Digestive imbalances
  • Fatigue
  • Hormonal & reproductive issues
  • Inherited/genetic factors
  • Joint/Connective tissue
  • Lyme & Co-infection issues
  • Metabolic Disturbances & Weight management
  • Neurotransmitter Imbalances
  • Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Immune/autoimmune (pathogenic influences);
  • Respiratory Issues
  • Skin Afflictions
  • Sleep Disturbances
  • Kidney & bladder imbalances
  • And More…

A Few Words from Heather

My first experience with Meridian Stress Assessment (MSA) was in 2000 when my oldest daughter, who was two at the time, was struggling with severe food allergies. Under the care of a practitioner using MSA, she underwent a dramatic recovery in just a few months. It felt amazing to live with a child who could eat anything without reacting! After her recovery, I knew I had to try it myself. My practitioner used MSA along with herbs, acupuncture and chiropractic and I was soon back to my pre-pregnancy

As I learned about MSA, my investigation pulled me toward Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, herbalism, and traditional nutrition. In fact, it was that developing passion in natural healing and energy medicine, spurred on by MSA, that first lead me to herb school in 2004. My original goal on my herb school application was to become a certified MSA technician!

Fast forward to 2015 when MSA reappeared in my life in the form of the Asyra (the Qest4 predecessor). I was in need of some serious immune & digestive assistance and the Qest4 offered me that support. There’s no doubt that herbs, diet, and lifestyle provide transformational healing, but when things get a little complicated and more specific information is needed, in my opinion it doesn’t get any better than the Qest4!

As 2017 dawned guidance was clear that I needed to return to my original goal and meld this amazing technology into what I already do as an herbalist. I’ve found it’s the perfect match to energetic herbalism. No machine will ever replace sound tissue state assessment, pulse taking, knowing the plants, and listening deeply to people. In these challenging times though, when it seems each day a new autoimmune disorder, virus or tick-borne disease appears, I definitely need the Qest4 in my herbal tool kit!

If you’d like to discuss how a Qest4 session might benefit you or if you have other questions about how it works, please don’t hesitate to call or email! I look forward to assisting and empowering you on your healing journey!
Greenest blessings,

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